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Saffron Secrets
21 August, 2019

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Saffron from the House of Javerians Jivan Mixture since 1910.
21 August, 2019
•Skin Glow
•Acne Care
•Boost Brain Health
•Helps Cure Asthma
•Promotes Digestion
•Improve Heart Health
•Enhances Immunity

(Serving/ Per Person)
Dip 50-100mg of Saffron Threads in 
Warm Water or Milk.
Stir and leave for 30 minutes.
Add this mixture to enhance your recipe.

For BEST results dip for more than 2 Hours
Use Before 24 months from Packing Date
•Protect from Sun Light
•Store in Dry Place
Types of Saffron
21 August, 2019
The Myth that American Saffron is the best, is partly out of ignorance & partly mad craze for anything Foreign is better. Factually, America doesn’t grow Saffron. It imports Iranian Saffron packed by Spain. Spain grows 3000 KGS, while America Imports 20,000 KGS.Pampore, The saffron Town of Kashmir, is just 11 KMS away from Srinager.
Here, the Best Quality Saffron in the World i.e. “MONGRA” is cultivated “MONGRA” is the most expensive Saffron in the world.The Quality of Saffron of Kashmir is best over the World. Kashmiri Saffron alone has a distinguishing feature of long Stigmas with thick heads making it the “World’s Best Saffron” The price of Kashmiri Saffron is fairly higher than Iranian Saffron.